DESTROYING Milo, General Flynn, Trump, and You Or…Winning the Culture and Media War, and Our Freedom

February 21, 2017
Chris Hampton

Blood in the Water
Time to Let Your Vision Run the Burning Red You’ve Been Hiding

Is Milo finished and about to be fired by his own team, our team, your team, like General Flynn? Is this another death and more blood in the water for our enemy to salivate over, feed off of and strengthen their ranks?

Or is it finally time for all of us to get serious and kick some globalist ass right of their high-horses, forever? You decide.

Milo’s Biggest Mistake and Pedophilia’s Inciting Insight 
Milo is a Sexual Abuse Victim Raped Again By The Media, Conrade couldn’t be more spot on, read what he has to say.

Milo’s mistake as Conrad clearly outlines and Mike Cernovich puts it “shows the perils of not processing his victimization”.  Cernovich is also constantly offering valuable insight with respect to war tactics and winning this fight for real justice and freedom. Pay attention. Think ahead.

Pedophilia investigations going on now across the globe are the single largest citizen journalism project ever, with breaking news stories and new arrests happening all the time that the mainstream media is largely silent about.

There are good reasons pedophilia stories are sweeping the world right now. The globalist agenda as shockingly promoted by SALON and others is typically horrific, morally deprived and soul destroying. Moreover though, information itself is slowly but surely, routing around censorship and this issue of the sexual abuse of our children is one the whole world’s been waiting to deal with.

Few if any topics on the planet have the motivational potential that protecting our children from pedophiles do. Especially when considering the elite criminals who still think they’re above these laws – as they have been for far too long. Are you ready to say enough is enough, this ends now?

Every day, more conspiracies like elite pedo-rings that have been off-limits, aren’t anymore. NOW you can let your righteous anger percolate. NOW it’s time to call your inner fight.


Our Global Populist Movement, Milo, and Donald Trump –
Can All Die If We Don’t FIGHT!

Donald Trump and his supporters in the Whitehouse , the media, and in the streets and in our homes, we are all, together, facing unprecedented, fiercely tough and flat out war against the deep state, a bipartisan globalist entrenchment that IS in large part – the entire establishment.

Milo and General Flynn are solitary and merely among the most recent examples of REAL systemic abuse, prejudice, oppression, and tyranny. How many more of our heroes need to be destroyed while we stand by and do nothing to stop it?

“I never could believe that Providence had sent

a few men into the world, ready booted and

spurred to ride, and millions ready saddled

and bridled to be ridden.”

– Richard Rumbold

Figured Not, So What Are You Waiting For?

To many average onlookers, the ferocity of the political landscape might be surprising, but you’re not average. To the strong, hardened thinkers and freedom fighters on this team, this was the fight that was guaranteed and lying in wait for us, to be ready.

Now, we ARE ready.

This precision propaganda strike on Milo is nothing new, but the rules HAVE changed. Direct communication with Trump, freedom fighters of all kinds, and one another – alongside the ability to create content, narratives and news, become the new media, the new education, and build a new system of connected, censorship free information – these new realities are a mere 20 years unfolding.

Like the 1st two paradigm shifting revolutions in information, learning to write and the invention of the printing press, this revolution will take hundreds of years and it will reshape everything. You see where this is going too right?

I can see farther than some over the horizon, because this work has been my entire life, of 39 years. I’m ready. I’m here to give my everything. I’m all in. And I’m far from alone. There are untold millions of us around the world who understand the stakes and have what it takes to make this happen.

Are you with us?


The Fight of Our Lives
About fucking time. Right?

Revolution brings us fully alive. Freedom is our right, our nature, and it is exhilarating. At the rally cry, humanity emerges and when the trumpets sound, our hearts hear them. In listening, our powers awake.

The drums are beating. Do you hear them?

The battle horns are ringing loud and clear, day and night. DO you hear?

They see much of what’s coming too, and have their own plans, 20 years into this info-revolution’s tweaking.

We are far less organized, and far more powerful.

They know this and are counting on our lack of organization. Remember, their plans are generations in the making.

This war will be the toughest ever. It’s for all the marbles. Life and death. Freedom. Your children’s future. The future of civilization and humanity itself.

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Rise like Lions after slumber / in unvanquishable

number / shake your chains to earth like dew / which

in sleep had fallen on you / ye are many – they are few

– Percy Bysshe Shelley

Our future is our choice. Orwellian squared or freedom.

We need to ignore the rabbit holes and evidence just how moot most of these issues truly are. Taking out the trash from our conversations allows us to focus on the core issues.

This enables socialists, libertarians, anarchists, and fans of democracy alike to all find common ground and answers to valid concerns in many strikingly straightforward principles we already understand and cherish.

Like the sounds of politics of principle, not of partisanship?

Shocking, beautiful, provocative and wild, “The Freedom Handbook” is a big, bold manifesto, an impassioned guide to breaking the chains that hold humanity back and an insightful, inciting examination of the juxtaposition between mankind’s infinite potential and the limitations imposed by the plutocracy that you don’t want to miss!

Email me here for your free digital copy with over 600 references and abundant live links.


War-Planning and Victory
The strategy is simple: we are the world—and we reclaim it.

Perhaps that’s a little oversimplified, so let’s look at 3 pillars in the foundation to our coming victory:

  1. Work Together or We Lose

Support Milo today, he needs it.

Support each other every day, we need to do this to win.

Stefan Molyneux puts it better than anyone else, when it comes to the organization of the radical left and the globalist’s alike. This talk is linked above under “all-in” but it’s so on point and important, watch it.

Lucid as can be, we join forces and we inherit the fruits of this information revolution.

This new species of information demands we come together to operate it’s very structure; and as free speech is more than a freedom and in fact, the mechanism by which all our freedoms are built, this new breed of information is the mechanism for fully realizing free speech. This revolution transmutes censorship and diffuses all attempts at subversion or by disease. The catch, it needs collaboration to work. This mechanism demands teamwork.

  1. Fight By the Same Rules or We Lose

This might be simple to understand, but this reality is avoided by good people, because we’re good. War though, like any competition has a loser and winner. To win, we must employ the same character, career and systemic destruction and ostracizing of our enemy.

If we were playing soccer and kept passing the other team the ball and they only pass among themselves, we would lose. Same here.

Not just the left, but the globalist ruling elitists, have been using every kind of assassination tactic, unanswered, for too long.

Listen carefully to them pontificating on our destruction. We must fight the enemy using the tactics they have used successfully, reshaping them in the name of free speech and freedom.

  1. Open-Sourced or We Lose

We must better leverage new media and information technology or lose. This means Twitter, YouTube and so on – as well as, gab and other open-sourced, block chain solutions.

NOW that we can connect, collaborate, create, share and learn at next to no cost on a global level we’ve become something new; we’re discovering the full power of information and we’ve birthed a new kind of voice…


What is WorldVoice?
The burgeoning newfound effectiveness of social movements around the world, since we “connected” online, are clear examples of #WorldVoice taking shape in smaller regional ways as well as globally.

WorldVoice is expressed and understand as the world speaking in relative unity and with principals that dissolve disease and discord. Over these past 20 odd years we’ve been seeing early introductions to better ways of being, deciding, governing.

Think about the following examples of epic transmutation…
Evolving in efficacy with each step, a trio of examples most of us know well are first the development of Wikipedia, followed by the precedent setting defeat of SOPA/PIPA and now the rise and power of the Alternative/New Media in the marketplace of ideas.

As we get better at it, #WorldVoice is rapidly becoming stronger than any organization, community or power structures of the past.

#WorldVoice needed a name. Now it needs you.

Everybody is already a part of #WorldVoice and anyone can be a changemaker. The means are new globally networked microphones, decisive discourse and direct action.

We need more practice using #WorldVoice, so let’s defeat the old guard – as a mere warm up to unleashing our previously constrained imagination and capacity.

This is all common sense, as things always are. Make no mistake, this is the greatest war that ever was, between the common man and woman and the ruling class. This time, we win everything. We win real freedom. We’ll win faster with you. You in?



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